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VILOLE IMAGES PRODUCTIONS (VIP) is an innovative and non-profit making organization legally registered under the Patent and Company Registration Office as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 10th October, 2003.

1.1 Vision

Dedicated to pursue a focused vision of defending and promoting human rights to enable contribute to changing lives and bringing hope to the helpless.

1.2 Mission

To promote the use of film/art as a tool for human rights advocacy, inclusive development, equality, equity and economic empowerment, biased to the underprivileged especially the youth, women and girls with disabilities.

1.3 Line of attack

It’s all about using film/art for social change, justice, inclusion, economic empowerment, engaging and promoting freedom of expression, political participation and decision making.

1.4 Objectives

  • To promote the use of the art of film/video (audio-visual) as a tool for human rights advocacy and sensitization biased to the artists, the youth, women and persons with disabilities.
  • To empower aspirant filmmakers in production skills biased to promoting edutaining human rights products of good quality an international standard.
  • To facilitate and train various organizations (Private and Public, business and non-profit making) in disability equality, human rights, inclusive development and participate in networking, collaborative efforts experiences in women, youth and disability rights.
  • To promote the development and trade in the Zambian film and television through production of quality products and training in film/video production
  • To support the VIP capacity building and strengthening of its core volunteers, staff and management in the delivery of quality services.

1.3   Core Values

In order to realise its vision and mission VIP champions the following core values in all the work that it does:

  • Equity: Uphold the principle of inclusion and equal participation of men, women and the youth in development and works towards ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities for all;
  • Transparency: Dedicated to ensure the Trustees, Advisory Board Members and Secretariat remains transparent in all their functions.
  • Accountability: Reaffirms its commitment to be accountable for their actions, decisions and for the financial resources received from donors, government, other partner organizations or self-generated activities.
  • Human Rights and Freedom: Anchors on the belief that “all humans are born free and equal in rights and dignities. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act in a spirit of brotherhood”.
  • Justice: Believes that persons with disabilities, especially women and girls’ problems will receive justice in their undertakings;
    • Commitment: Committed to excellence in service delivery to its target members, audience, client, partners and Community members;
  • Acceptance: The fundamental acceptance of one’s condition is critical to mitigation of stigma and discrimination.
    • Integrity: Accountable to persons with disabilities, partners and other stakeholders and transparency in the delivery of services.

1.4   Added values and strengths

  • Successful experience in disability equality, training and production of documentaries, fictions and TV programs.
  • Highly skilled crew and high-tech equipment to ensure the filming and are in the line with international standard

1.7 Quality and organizational vision

“Quality Products” as a main principle to achieve its corporate vision, VIP utilizes a network of experts both home and abroad in various fields as required to address the unique needs of its audience, clients and partners and promotes networking of filmmakers, human rights activists and advocates around the world.

1.8 Services

Specialized in documentary and fiction filmmaking, Disability Equality Training, human rights advocacy and film/video training, VIP seeks the type of development in the industry where stories and voices of the historically marginalized can be heard and seen through innovative and professionally crafted productions with quality, innovative, challenging and excellent work.

  • Motion Picture and TV Programme Producers;
  • Film/Video Production/Training
  • Disability Equality Training
  • Film Festival and Events Management
  • Inclusive Education
  • Leadership and Governance (Role of the board in organisation)
  • Management and Accountability
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Film/Art for justice and social change, Advocacy Digital Media (Very

powerful tool for advocacy)

  • Creative reporting
  • Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) strategy
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Mentorship
  • Trainer of Trainers for Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)

















Viloleiphope is a non-profit organization to support women and girls disability in zambia  keep an eye in the future Support.



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